Economic inequality and starkly differing living conditions pose a growing challenge for the European Union: nationalist movements are gaining momentum and are responsible for events such as Brexit. The future of the European Union depends in large parts upon successfully establishing equality and fairness between states as a prerequisite for strengthening societal approval of a common Europe founded in solidarity.

Based on existing data, the aim of this project is not only to analyse these aforementioned areas of tension but also to grant interested members of the public access to the results.

The website is structured into three successive and interrelated sections: As a first step, the income situation of different occupational groups is juxtaposed both domestically and across countries. In the second step a framework is created which sketches the living environments of persons in various areas offering indications connected to the diverse quality of life in different countries.

The third step then completes this integrated understanding of life quality by providing conclusive recommendations for actions. The aim of these policy proposals is the creation of a shared and sustainable Europe allowing a good life for all and securing it for future generations. It is a Europe not dominated by competition and rivalry but characterised by political cooperation and cohesion.
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