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Data, on which the section concerning Income is based, stems from the EU-Statistics on Income and Living Conditions – EU-SILC. It has been processed for display on the website by University of Vienna’s Research Institute Economics of Inequality (INEQ). Further information concerning survey methods, calculation and representation of data on the website is located in the document “Income: Data Description”. The Excel-file “Income: Data Description Stereotype” contains all professions connected to the various occupational groups and should be understood as the document’s appendix. The Excel-file “Income: Dataset” contains all the data displayed in the Income section.
Data in the section concerning Living was collected from the database AMECO, from the services of EK, EEA, EIGE, EUROFOUND, EUROSTAT, EUROSTUDENT, HFCS, OECD, UNEP, and from the World Bank. It was partially calculated by the Marie Jahoda – Otto Bauer Institute. Data descriptions and calculations are located in the document “Living: Data Description”. An overview of data sources and the correlation between indicators and the various sections in the sector Solutions is given in the Excel-file “Living: Sources”. The Excel-file “Living: Dataset” contains all data displayed in the Living section.
The solutions are based on scientific publications and have been created in constant exchange with political, scientific and civic experts. We strive for a Europe that is just and more equitable in order to create the foundations for good living conditions for everybody. To this end we aimed to create a well-balanced blend of proposals, focussing in equal parts on the central sectors of society – democracy, ecology, social issues and economics. However, concerning relevant issues, the presented selection can never be exhaustive especially since alternatives abound. Based on this eclectic reality, we invite each and everyone to enter into an open dialogue to discuss the selections we offer – not only with us but with as many people from as many strands of our society as possible.
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